Frozen in Time
A creek flows into a waterfall, the splashes of water freezing on the surrounding vegetation. You see some beautiful ice formations. When I was little, the entire waterfall would freeze in this solid mass of ice. It was breathtakingly beautiful. May yet do that this year again, who knows. I was only at home long enough to catch this. Another attempt at colour, it's a little too busy but I figured why not. It's still pretty :)
Date Taken: 02-01-2009 11:32:32
Camera: PENTAX *ist DS
Exposure Time: 1/400 sec
Aperature: f 0
ISO: 200

Comments [1]

  • Clinton! Great picture up above! I love the detail of the ice, clinging to the tree brach and leaves. I particularly enjoy the look of the leaves through the ice, almost as if the freeze happened so quickly that the leaf wasn't even aware it happened.

    Otherwise, looks like it was just a wee bit nipply outside. Very much a motion moment, caught neatly in time.
    Ben Cheek @ 16-01-2009 17:36:44