Charge Controller
Taken inside the structure featured in the last photo. This is a charge controller for the small room full of batteries that would have powered this structure when service was interrupted, until the generator kicked on. The last time I visited, the cover was on, but in the intervening months, someone had been and removed it. I'm of mixed feelings about this. One one hand, it's sad to think that people go in and vandalize things in abandonned places, but it's also kind of cool, because I get to peer at the innards of it, and admire the quality of construction. Note: the EXIF data on a lot of photos from here on out will show f/0 as the aperture. My fixed 50 is an old M lens and doesn't communicate it's aperture with the body, so it won't record properly in the EXIF data.
Date Taken: 25-10-2008 16:08:48
Camera: PENTAX *ist DS
Exposure Time: 1 sec
Aperature: f 0
ISO: 400

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